Our Designer office was founded in 1984 as an ‘limited partnership’ and later in 1989 it became an Ltd. with same members and occupation. Our designing tasks were mostly buildings with steel structure, we designed in Nigeria two complete factory in different locations, steel structured store-halls in Germany and Romania, in Rybinsk a reconstruction of a factory and a pub, and in Hamburg a conveyor belt bridge in the port. It is harder to give a tag to our buildings in Hungary; we made school gyms, grocery stores in the 80’s, factory-halls, office buildings and a series of industrial establishments in the 90’s. All of them are steel structure. Heavy industrial establishments, like the Lasselsberger Knauf mortar factories, the DDCM mixing plant in Vác or the SAKRET silo tower in Jánossomorja are the typical industrial examples. The most notable ones of our unique designed structures are the Vogel&Noot, the shed-roofs of LuK Kupplungfabrik (Szombathely), the Elzett Roto (Lövő), the ContiTech in Vác (each of them are over 10 000 m² of floor-space), the Speidel dressmaker manufactory in Szombathely and the Hirschler mirror factory in Sopron, and the central offices of Honda in Budaörs. Check the fotos of our references in the ’WE DESIGNED’ section.

Among our partners, first of all, we have to mention the YSAKO Ltd. The commerce of the structure called YSAKO was being held, by this company. By now the company was merged into our designer office. It is also important to mention the Gábori and Partner Ltd., and the Lépték Residential Building Designer and Contractor Ltd. of Szombathely, because most of our esteblishments has been carried out by them. The ALUKOL Ltd. (of Százhalombatta) is also a notable partner of us, because of the peculiarity of the tasks we had, which were several glass-steel structures.

Among our designer partners we had noted architect offices. We have been resolving nice tasks cooperating first of all with the Zoboki-Demeter & Associates Architects, previously with the Hevesi and Pap Architect Studio Co. or with the Casiopea Group Ltd.

Our office is fully computerized, we use high-performance workstations, until 2007 we have been using also our self developed steel structure modelling and editing software, from then we are using Advance Steel, which provides high productivity. By the development of the Systeel for AutoCad program we have been part of the AutoCAD Developer Network, but because a big part of our capacity was occupied by program developing, later on we have given up with this activity. Our big sized printers, copying machines and scanners make our office independent. Being in connection by internet with our partners – from every day information exchange to the delivery of the full documentation – we are trying to reach the dream of an ’office without paper’.
The YSAKO light-steel structure was the development of the company from the 80’s, and it’s accomplishments were continuously adjusted to the up to date demands. The main idea of YSAKO is to make the installation faster and the use of material more economic and it keeps up with it until today.

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